These days it seems impossible to navigate through the grocery store, and feel confident about your decisions; low-fat, good fats, organic, gluten free, all natural... do any of those things even mean healthy? What is healthy?! It's overwhelming, misleading, and frustrating - give me a chance to fix that.




"Alicia was just what I needed to take my health and wellness to the next level! I was two months out from bariatric surgery and felt as though I was hitting a plateau in my weight loss and health & wellness goals. Alicia helped me see that putting myself first was OK and was actually necessary if I wanted to be a good role model for my two daughters. For years I had thought of myself only as my children’s “mother” and I had begun to lose who I really was. What were my hopes and dreams? What did I want for myself? What were my interests – apart from my children? I hadn’t thought about myself in that way for so long. Alicia helped me to find myself again! What had originally started as wanting to “lose weight” had become a journey about self re-discovery. Aside from her knowledgeable advice around food choices and label reading, meeting with her every two weeks forced me to look inward at what I really wanted to achieve for myself. My goals didn’t have to just be around food and fitness, but could be about anything I wanted/needed at that time. It was truly a freeing experience!"

-- Kelly F. | Newmarket, NH

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