It seems like even when you go hard at the gym, run for miles, sweat it out at spin class, or all of the above, something still manages to hold you back from having the body that makes you feel great. Maybe you had success with a diet a while back but you just couldn't deal with being so restricted, or maybe you gave up because just when you thought you were eating the right thing some new study came out telling you you’re doing it wrong. If you could just stick to that diet, if you could remember to keep track of your calories every day, if you could afford those meal replacement shakes you heard about, then you might feel better… you just don't have the will power to do what it takes, so it must be you - right? 

You know what I think? F that noise. 

It’s not you, you are not the problem. The problem is commercials, advertisements, food labels, restaurants, fad diets - really, the food industry as a whole. Despite your active lifestyle, you aren't getting what you want because you're being sabotaged by your own pantry. Just about everything that you're exposed to today puts pressure on you to eat this, measure that, skip this, drink that. Foods at the store seem to be shouting: fat free, all natural, low carb, sugar free, and on and on! It’s all so complicated. It's all so misleading. It's all so overwhelming.

And it's all bullsh*t.

You aren’t alone. I’ve been there. I've felt that frustration. I’ve tried all sorts of diets, read article after article, tried cleanses, and made change after change, until I finally learned that I've actually had the answer all along. It's all about listening to your body - you may have heard this statement before but don't worry, I'm not trying to get cliché on you. As a baby you know when you're hungry and how much to eat, then life happens, and suddenly you're looking to any one and everything but your natural instinct to tell you when and how to eat. You need to get back to the basics and learn to listen to that body of yours; it knows what it needs to feel good. 


Now, I know that it’s really hard to see past the excessive amounts of diet advice and nutrition claims out there, so that’s where I come in. Having been fooled, and frustrated myself (again and again), I’m excited about putting my education, research, and personal experience to use in helping you figure out what works for you


My Program:

I help active, motivated people who are frustrated with diets and misleading food labels, cut through the BS and listen to their body, so they can achieve their goals in happy, sustainable ways.

One of the biggest obstacles today, is that with so much information to sort through you really don’t even know where to start, so start with me! I provide support, accountability, advice, clarification, and laughs, as we work together to explore, set, and crush your goals. 


6 Months

 What to Expect:

bi-weekly 1-on-1 sessions (in-person, or online)

goal-reminders, and notes from each session

e-mail support between sessions

helpful activities, resources, and cooking tips

access to the private Live Love Leesh Success Page on Facebook 

What not to expect:

calorie counting


food restrictions



all other BS

If you're ready to make some moves and start living your life, fill out the info below and we'll set up your first session fo' free. 

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