I am in this field because I have big, bold dreams. I know that the best way for me to pursue these dreams is to start by helping people, one by one. The more people I help, the closer I will get to seeing these dreams come into reality. In addition to coaching, I plan to dedicate a portion of my life to working with non-profits that are lobbying for these same things. You might read below and think of these things as unrealistic or impossible, but I don't believe in dreaming small. My dad has always said that "good enough, is the enemy of great" and for me that means that settling for some progress, prevents you from achieving the rest of what's really possible. So, here's a little peek into what drives me, and like I said, these dreams are BIG, and BOLD:


I dream of a healthier tomorrow. 

I dream...

...that eating consciously, in a way that nourishes your body will become the "norm" 

...that someday the health of people will come before the profits of the food industry

...that a person won't always have to answer 21 questions about their personal dietary choices, because they differ from those of others

...that someday the line at the farmer's market will be longer than the line at the McDonald's drive-thru

...that we won't have to fight against the riches of corporations in order to know what's actually in our food

...that there will come a time when the significance of nutrition on our health is taken seriously 

...that the diabetes, and obesity epidemic will eventually start to decline 

...that school lunches everywhere will be made of real food

...that there will be a plan in place to end the impact of food deserts, and hunger, once and for all

...that the pricing on real foods will come down, and pricing on damaging foods will go up

...that the majority of doctors will stop to ask about a person's diet before prescribing drugs to mask a problem

...that people will not be faced with a barrage of health claims every time they walk down an aisle at the grocery store

...that people will have a better understanding of their body and how to eat, without stressing about it

...that politicians will start voting in favor of what's best for our health

...that the food industry might be trustworthy someday

for you, for me, for my loved ones,

for my future children, and for the world.