"Alicia was just what I needed to take my health and wellness to the next level! I was two months out from bariatric surgery and felt as though I was hitting a plateau in my weight loss and health & wellness goals. Alicia helped me see that putting myself first was OK and was actually necessary if I wanted to be a good role model for my two daughters. For years I had thought of myself only as my children’s “mother” and I had begun to lose who I really was. What were my hopes and dreams? What did I want for myself? What were my interests – apart from my children? I hadn’t thought about myself in that way for so long. Alicia helped me to find myself again! What had originally started as wanting to “lose weight” had become a journey about self re-discovery. Aside from her knowledgeable advice around food choices and label reading, meeting with her every two weeks forced me to look inward at what I really wanted to achieve for myself. My goals didn’t have to just be around food and fitness, but could be about anything I wanted/needed at that time. It was truly a freeing experience!"

-- Kelly F. | Newmarket, NH

"Alicia was patient and provided just the right amount of push when needed to keep me on track. During the time we worked together I learned how to eat better foods, and to eat more throughout the day instead of just one meal a day. My favorite part of the experience was the trip to the grocery store, what a great time! I learned more in two hours than my mother had taught me my whole life about food. The changes in my life hit all aspects from weight loss, to mindfulness, to appreciation, and so much more, even my doctor noticed the changes. If you are on the fence, DO IT - you will thank yourself for it."

-- David S. | Newmarket, NH